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Not your typical stock screener.
Discover stocks the easy way.

Our analysts put together a curated collection of good quality stock screeners with predefined criteria to guide your search. Whether you are looking for value, dividend or growth stocks, you will find a screener to begin your search and tweak the criteria towards your desired results.

Weekly Screener Alerts.
Without the noise.

Simply save a screener as your own and receive an email each week when we find new stocks for you. You can now relax and get back to researching when the next best companies are detected for you.

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Empowering individual investors.
Simplifying your journey to uncover great stocks.

Easily refine your search path and save time finding the gem.

Our fundamental screening model takes away the hard work. You can quickly narrow down to the type of stocks that align with your interest, whether you have years of investing experience or just started last week.

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Snowflake filtering with additional taggings

Let the Snowflake do the heavy lifting

Our 30-point checks on every stock bring out the strengths of each company based on 5 key aspects: Valuation / Future Growth / Past Performance / Financial Health / Dividend Quality

Simply drag the axis to aim at the characteristics that you care about.

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Advanced Metric Filters for more specific criteria

Know exactly the kind of stocks you want? Switch on the advanced metric filters, designed for ease of use.

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Dive deeper faster with interactive insights.
Stay objective & increase success rate.

3 minutes is all it takes to gain most of what you need about any company in the world. Our unbiased research framework takes the hard work away and prevent you from being swayed by market noise.

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Happy screening!

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